Saint Lucia

St Lucia is well known as a place where conducting business is easy.  According to the World Bank “it is not difficult to set up a business in St. Lucia. There are only five procedures and it takes an average of just 15 days.”  St. Lucia has also implemented the ASYCUDA World electronic system for the submission of export and import documents making trading across borders easier.

A number of incentives are offered to businesses seeking to invest in St. Lucia.  These include corporate income tax exemption; exemptions of customs duties taxes and related charges; no restrictions or taxes on foreign exchange transactions; no taxes on dividends; no work permit fees for management personnel for up to five years; no import and export licenses; and no price control.

Use the links below to see why “investment never looked better” in St. Lucia:

  • Invest Saint Lucia (offers comprehensive knowledge of the processes to set up a business as well as the availability of incentives to foster growth)
  • ICT BPO Presentation – PPT ( Lucia’s agenda for growth, quick facts on the country, available opportunities and incentives)